Holiday video game guide

This generation of video games has seemed to mark the final days of the rare breed referred to as the “exclusive” game title, and with that rarity comes a list of non-platform specific titles almost impossible to tackle in one sitting. Therefore, the following list is by all means not a comprehensive inventory of all the great multiplatform games, but rather a directory to what appears to be the most original and imaginative.

1. Mirror’s Edge (PS3,360,PC)- What puts this game at the top of the list is the sheer uniqueness of its concept, design, and ambition as you literally take on the fearless role of a free runner/ anti-government spy appropriately named Faith. Imagine the limitlessness of Assassins Creed coupled with the acrobatic prowess of Prince of Persia and played through a first person perspective and you have a game that doesn’t fail to dazzle the eye or stand out from the crowd. Promising to literally take the genre to new heights, players will be asked to take a leap of faith of their own this November over the utopian rooftops of what looks to be a genuinely new video gaming experience.

2. Left 4 Dead (X360,PC) – Zombie apocalypses have been done to death as much as the animated corpses that cause their cannibalistic destruction and mayhem. So it raises a few eyebrows when the developers at Valve, the creators of the revolutionary Half-Life series, decides to put their own spin on a concept usually attached to the names of Resident Evil or Dead Rising. Designed to pit up to four human players against relentless hordes of the undead with limited supplies and a difficulty system that adjusts itself to your own skill level, Left 4 Dead looks to be an interesting take on what could be a new type of cooperative experience.

3. Fallout 3 (PS3,X360,PC)- Long after the Cold War has thawed out, the fear of nuclear winter has often been a popular source of material for video games. Fallout 3 takes that fear and makes it a reality. Made by the same designers of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3’s scope and breath over the wastelands of Washington DC ensures that anyone looking to kill over sixty hours worth of exploration and role-playing customization will have a friend under the Christmas tree this year.

4. Dead Space (PS3,X360,PC)- Being trapped on a space ship floating in an isolated region of some vast expanse and forced to fight off the mutated corpses of its dead crew members while armed with only mining tools sounds like the worst possible situation any could ever be in. Fortunately, those are the same reasons that make Dead Space an involving experience rivaled by only a few this holiday season.

5. Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe (PS3,X360)- The move to 3D hasn’t always been the best for this classic franchise, especially when faced against other powerhouses such as Soul Caliber or Tekken. But there is something about this entry’s fluid-looking controls and its amalgamation of Earth Realm’s finest with DC’s biggest stars that not only make it look like raw explosive hilarity, but also strangely endearing in a pop culture/clash of the titans sort-of a way.