Giving the Geeks Some Love

Award season is in full swing (were you pleased with the results of the Golden Globes?) and while superheroes and the so-called “geek universe” will not be seeing too much love at this time of the year, New York Comic Con them covered from Feb. 6-8.

While not nearly as extravagant as the older, more well-known San Diego Comic Con International (the two events are not affiliated), New York Comic Con, held each year in the Javits Center, boasts a large collection of exhibitionists in the largest pop culture convention on the East Coast. So what can you expect to see at the show next month?

For starters, you will be seeing plenty of non-traditional comic-related entertainment. But on that note, the conventions have been moving towards a general pop culture emphasis.

Regardless, fans of NBC’s hit Heroes and Fox’s rising Fringe will have members of their cast making appearances. Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli, Heroes) will be on hand for autographs and to promote his upcoming Top Cow book, Berserker. Fringe’s John Noble and Jasika Nicole will hold a presentation/Q&A session for fans of the show. Robot Chicken’s Seth Green will also be on hand for the event.

Of course, comic fans will see some of the traditional big names, ranging from the more recent celebrities to the “been around for years” types, including Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, Jerry Robinson (creator of Batman nemesis, the Joker) and Joe Simon (creator of Captain America).

For those who look forward to something more along the lines of art, do not fret. There will be plenty of artists on hand. In fact, more than 100 artists will fill the exhibition hall of the Javits Center. They’ll be coming from the big names (Marvel and DC), along with some of the other known companies and independents.

We here at the Inferno are expecting one item to be a decent standout: the Spider-Man comic featuring (now) President Barack Obama, with an alternative collector’s edition with Obama’s face on the cover. With a retail price of $3.99, the “real” price through eBay will set you back $25 to $50.

Collectors are likely to see prices around that mark at Comic Con, so be on the lookout if you need to get your Obama fix.
The comic, released Jan. 14, has Peter Parker covering Obama’s inauguration. Parker spots an imposter Obama. Swinging back into his real calling, Parker saves the day as Spider-Man and thwarts a plot to disrupt the inauguration. And, for those wondering, Spidey indeed shares a fist-bump with Obama.

Tickets to NY Comic Con are still available, but if you do not have tickets by now, you will be stuck standing in line. Saturday (Feb. 7) will run you up the most at $40; Friday and Sunday will set you back $30 each day. For a complete list of events, exclusives and panels, check out NY Comic Con’s official web site.