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Vanishing Valentine woes

It’s that time of the year again, when single people become thoroughly depressed and couples agonize about what gifts to give to their beloveds. Valentine’s Day is only three days away, but has probably been on many people’s minds since the beginning of the month.

It is nearly impossible to step into any store without being bombarded with stuffed animals holding boxes of chocolates, and candy hearts overflowing store shelves.

Pressure to make the Feb. 14 the best day in your significant other’s life, and buying the best present can cause just as much stress as finals (maybe even more).

This can make a holiday that is supposed to about loved ones and happiness stressful and displeasing.

But there are plenty of fun, enjoyable activities that you and your sweetheart can do that won’t break your bank account.

Going out to dinner is a great way to spend the evening, and can offer a change of pace from having the featured meal at Montgoris. Union Turnpike has countless of small, intimate restaurants that are reasonable in price.

Acquista Trattoria located on 178-01 Union Turnpike, offers a wide selection of Italian dishes (such a fettuccini alfreado, eggplant parmesan and fried calamari), pizza freshly out of the oven, and heroes.

After a delicious dinner, treat yourselves to one of the mouthwatering desserts offered, such as tiramisu.

Dinner for two with an appetizer, two entrees and one desert can cost as little as $35, which is well worth it for the quality of food that is served in the intimate setting.

If Italian food isn’t your thing, try Kyoto Sushi Japanese and Thai restaurant, located at 153-11 Union Turnpike.

This authentic restaurant offers a wide assortment of sushi, including specialty rolls such as Dragon Rolls, Rainbow Rolls, and Union Rolls.

Japanese and Thai appetizers are also available, which are quite different than what most regular college students are used to.

Desserts are also a specialty, including decadent treats such as Tempura ice cream, Cheesecake Tempura and Dragon Eggs (coconut ice cream bon bons).

A couple can dine here for around $40 (that includes two appetizers, two entrees, drinks and a dessert), which is much less than one would pay at most places in New York City.

The fun doesn’t have to stop after dinner. If you prefer a night out, than head to Manhattan to enjoy the sights and sounds of the night-life free of charge.

Walk around Times Square, window shop at stores where items cost more than tuition, stop into Starbucks for coffee as a treat- Times Square is one place where you will not be bored.

If you plan ahead and buy student tickets at Campus Concierge, you can go to the movie for only $6.

Just being together and doing something that is out of your regular routine is refreshing and romantic.

Maybe going out into the city isn’t your thing, but staying in your room can be just as romantic and especially intimate.
Have a movie night with your special someone, playing a mix of both of your favorite films and don’t forget to pop some popcorn.

Snuggling up on the couch with just your boyfriend or girlfriend is a great way to relax and have a special time between the two of you without worrying about how much money you have left on your credit card.

As for the whole gift giving situation, talk about it with your boyfriend or girlfriend and set a price limit.

This way both of you will spend the same amount of money and not feel guilty about not spending as much as the other person.
If you really don’t have the cash to buy a present, which is a very real possiblity for a college student, be honest with him or her.

Let them know that you do not have a lot of cash right now, but promise to do other fun things with each other. Odds are, your counterpart will understand.

When trying to find the right gift, think about what would mean the most. Buy a picture frame, and put a photo of a fun day that the two of you spent together.

If your girlfriend has an obsession with dogs, buy her a stuffed dog with a box of chocolates in its mouth.

If your boyfriend is really into movies, buy him a movie that you can watch together. Just the idea that you thought of him or her will make your significant other feel special.

These ideas are not only for people in relationships, but to anyone who has people in their lives that they care about.
Go out with your friends and enjoy a nice meal, without the anxiety over finding the perfect gift or who’s paying for the meal.

Buy Valentine’s Day cards for all the people in your life that you care for, and give them out on the special day.

It will make you feel good because you’re doing something positive, and your loved ones will have their day brightened by receiving a Valentine.

Hopefully by having an upbeat outlook on Valentine’s Day, you and the special people in your life will be able to enjoy the holiday, and leave behind all the stress for more serious things such as midterms and term papers!

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