Torch Delights

New York is known for its bagels, cheesecake and pizza, but certainly not this delightful dish. This simple meal is just strips of steak fried to perfection in a matter of minutes, and is easy enough for anyone to make.

Don’t shy away from this idea if you’re a first time cook. Fried food is an easy task, as long as you watch the temperature of the stove. You will be a pro in no time, and will move on to other fried foods, such as chicken fingers.

All you’ll need to make these are some strips of steak, flour, milk, cooking oil, a little salt and your preferred dipping sauce; A1 and barbecue sauce are highly recommended.

This treat may throw people through a loop at first, but explain to them this is a unique dish. It is a treat that has that red meat flavor of tender steak, but also has the crispy, flaky taste of fried foods.

Since the weather is starting to get warmer, bring these tasty treats to your next barbeque or picnic gathering.

These are also great to impress a girl or guy you are pursing. Instead of making the normal pasta and salad dinner, fry up some steak fries and whip up some salad.

This will not only fill up your date, but will showcase your knowledge of recipes.

While these probably won’t kick fried chicken out of anyone’s diet, they are certainly good for a change of pace.

What You’ll Need:

-Bowl of flour

-Bowl of milk


-Steak strips

-Vegetable oil/Crisco

-Pan ?

What To Do:

-Mix some salt into the flour.

-Dip the strips of steak into the flour.

-Dip the strips in the milk.

-Dip the strips in the flour once more.

-Pour the oil into the pan.

-Put the strips in the pan and fry them until they are golden brown.