iPhone going higher tech

Sure, March 17 was St. Patrick’s Day, but it was also a big day for Apple and the iPhone. Yes, the date was significant in that Apple was going to announce a major software upgrade for the iPhone, dubbed iPhone OS 3.0. Tech junkies across the Internet came up with multiple theories about what updates Apple was going to release for thephone. And after all the clamor for MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), copy and paste and other features, these are some of the major features iPhone owners will get this summer:

Copy and Paste: Ah, a wish granted for iPhone owners. This is a feature that other phones have had for a while now, so it was almost a must for the iPhone.

Double-tapping over text will bring up the copy and paste bubble, and double tapping again elsewhere will bring up a paste option. Photos will also be able to be copied and pasted.

3G Tethering: Those with the 3G iPhone will be able to connect to your laptop to use the phone as a modem. Expect more charges for that, though nothing has been said so far.

MMS: No more having to log into viewmymessage.com to access multimedia being sent to you. Now you can receive and send content such as pictures and sound (nothing yet on video) to other enabled phones. That is, you can do it without having to go through e-mail.
Landscape Keyboard: Like flipping your phone on its side to type? Apple has expanded the feature to texting, emailing and notes.

Auto Log-In: A small yet convenient feature for your Wi-Fi and Safari. If you are signed up with a Wi-Fi hotspot, your log-in can be remembered. Also, you can set any log-in credentials to sign you into Web sites automatically in Safari.

Send/Receive Files: A new application straight from Apple, allowing you to send files between iPhones and iPod touches.

Voice Memo: Another new Apple app. It is a little too self explanatory…

Protection: Safari will be boosted with Anti-Phishing abilities to keep out the bad stuff. Parent Controls are now extended to movies, shows, music, Web sites and applications.

Search: Searching has been improved in two areas. First, Spotlight, which allows you to search for information on the entire phone, so long as it supports Spotlight. Second, Search-In for mail, calendar and iPod.

Those are highlights of Apple’s official updates. There will also be thousands of new third-party (non-Apple) applications that will be supported by the update. One of the nicer applications is a peripheral control, which allows your phone to control your accessories, such as a speaker.

Turn-by-turn directions and push notifications will also be supported. Push notifications will automatically alert you to a new message from an application, even if it isn’t running.

Some of these updates can already be enabled in beta format, if you are willing to go through beta testing. Those with first generation iPhones will not be able to download all of the features, but those with 3Gs will. The update will be free of charge for iPhone users, and $9.95 for iPod Touch owners. The update is avaliable this summer.