New Student Government representatives elected

The results are in-the new Student Government, Inc. representatives from the five colleges within St. John’s were elected on April 8. This year’s election had a voter turnout of 595 students.

“This election is always very segmented, in that students can’t vote for all candidates, so they must make the effort to get to know who is running in their year and in their college,” said John Kelly, SGI vice president. “In all, we were pleased with the turnout, and hope that future executive boards will continue to leverage the technology used for the first time in this election for higher turnout.”

This year is the first year that the representatives’ election was held entirely online, using SGI’s OrgSync application; students could vote April 7 and April 8.

“This, we believe, was the cause of our record number of candidates running for representative positions,” Kelly said.
This year’s election had 39 students running for representative positions.