Top Five At Fashion Week

New York Fall Fashion Week… A time when the young, hip and glamourous flock to New York City in even larger droves than usual. The white tents in Bryant Park have long symbolized the most important week in the NYC fashion scene, and the masses of beautiful people surrounding them mean much more than an increased difficulty in getting a taxi. The fashions shown by designers during Fall 2009 fashion week determine what hits stores in the early spring of 2010, and what will trickle down to Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, and consequently, what you will be wearing a few months after that.

1. Anna Sui

Famous for her distinctive swirling floral prints that have graced everything from cell phone cases to Firefox layouts and her classic feminine shapes, Anna Sui’s Spring 2010 collection is sure to exceed expectations and provide something innovative, while still maintaining her classic aesthetic. As always, Anna Sui will provide fans with an entertaining show, with her trademark rock music and patterned decor along with the innovative, creative clothing. And with a much-hyped collection for Target debuting in September that features some of her most iconic prints, soon her unique looks will be available for people of all budgets.

3 Michael Kors

Designer, philanthropist and reality TV personality, Michael Kors does it all. Taking time off from the filming of Project
Runway, on which he has a regular judging spot, Michael Kors is sure to impress with his trademark flattering shapes and interesting fabric choices. His ability to turn staple pieces that, in the hands of any other designer could turn boring, into classics that never blow away with the winds of fashion, is one of the reason why working women, celebrities and models alike love to see and wear his designs.

3 Charlotte Ronson

The Ronson name is one that is familiar in some capacity to almost everyone. There’s Mark Ronson, the hip music producer and disk jockey, and the arguably more famous Samantha Ronson, (ex-) girlfriend of the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan. However, slightly less known is a third Ronson, Charlotte, whose soft shapes and fabrics have made her a shining new star in the fashion world. For her Spring 2010 collection, fans can expect to see more of the soft pieces that made her famous, along with feminine touches like ruffles and crochet. Fans of Ms. Ronson who don’t have access to the Bryant Park runways can always check out her “Play” by C. Ronson line featured at Urban Outfitters.

4 Narciso Rodriguez

Featured designer Narciso Rodriguez was chosen by Mercedez-Benz (the organizer and sponsor of Fashion Week) with good reason. After becoming famous nearly overnight for designing the wedding dress worn by JFK Jr.’s wife and receiving even more publicity when one of his dresses was worn by Michelle Obama after the election, Rodrigez is a logical choice as the featured designer for Fashion Week. His pieces, which consist of structured dresses combining soft fabrics with contrasting touches like exposed zippers, cut-outs and bondage straps, are loved by celebrities and fashionistas alike, and fans will surely not be disappointed by his graphic shape inspired Spring 2010 collection.

5 3.1 Philip Lim

Guests in attendance at the 3.1 Philip Lim show are in for a real surprise. In addition to his typical clean lines and flattering shapes paired with unique patterns, the show features exclusive access for American Express card members. Cardholders will get the coveted front row seats as well as an insight into his current collection, in addition to the runway show. Fans of Philip Lim can depend on his loose dresses and defined skirts to keep them fashionable for another season, and the fashion elite can rejoice in the fact that the already exclusive event has been made ever-so-slightly more exclusive.

For the uninterested, the uninvited, and the lucky initiates, Fashion Week is something that will affect anyone who visits Manhattan throughout the week of Sept. 10-17. Although it’s next to impossible to get an invite unless you’re a member of the press or the fashion crowd, there are always those hopefuls who try to sneak in, however daunting security may be.