A Love Without the Chemistry

It seems that a quality film of love and romance comes out in theaters once in a blue moon. However, Love Happens falls short of these expectations. This “romantic comedy,” starring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart, is very bland and tiresome. Even though it runs for a little less than two hours, it feels as if you are being dragged through this never ending question of “will they or won’t they get together?”

Not only was the film dull, but there was not an ounce of pure love in it at all.

Jennifer Aniston plays a florist named Eloise who at first dislikes
but becomes drawn to Aaron Eckhart’s character, Burke, a widower who is cashing in on his wife’s death. He writes a book all about grieving and trying to cope called A-Okay! and ultimately gains worldwide fame. While promoting his
book in Seattle, he eventually bumps into Eloise by chance at the hotel where he is staying.

At first, Eloise is completely uninterested since she has a rocker boyfriend waiting for her at home. Unfortunately, this boyfriend ultimately cheats on her. When Eloise and Burke meet for the second time, she changes her tune and realizes she indeed does have feelings for him after all.

The film surprisingly does not completely center on their relationship. Instead, it was more of a gloomy and dismal look into Burke’s world after the death of his wife.

Even though he is incredibly popular and well liked, he fears that everything is happening to him is for the wrong reasons.

After a visit from his father-in-law, played by Martin Sheen, Burke gets a stern talking to and realizes he has not mourned the way a real husband should have.

The lack of chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart was extremely disappointing. It seemed that every single time there was the slightest bit of communication among the two, it was nothing less than tense and awkward. The films falls short of capturing the essence of what this story is really supposed to be about: falling back in love. Even though the two characters do not fall in love until the last few minutes of the movie, the audience can speculate the ending from a mile away. It’s not shocking that Eloise helps Burke move on and at last he has found true romance.

It’s safe to say that the directorial debut of Brandon Camp was not a successful one. Some might disagree and say it was sweet with a touch of empathy and forlorn love, but in reality it is just another unrealistic, sappy love story that you have to rolls your eyes at.

Bottom line: Save yourself ten bucks and go buy yourself some lunch.