Three of the Virtual Highlights

Many college students have found that the best way to procrastinate is to browse the Internet. With millions of Web sites to choose from, it can be difficult to sort out the gems. However, these three sites have proven to be an entertaining and effective way to put off those last few papers for a few more hours.

For those looking for a good laugh who are already fans of, is a perfect Web site to go check out. “DERRICK” is an improv comedy troupe hailing from New York City. The group consists of a few NYU alumni who are both talented and credited actors, writers, and producers. Even though being an improv group, they also write and star in their own sketches which they post on their Web site.

On the site people can find a number of funny skits to watch. DERRICK videos effectively joke about “bros”, failed relationships, and even have a skit about a boy who puts a hit man out on his parents in order to get a new bike. In addition to the sketches DERRICK has recently filmed a full-length movie called Mystery Team, the trailer for which can also be found on the site. This film is about three incapable teenage detectives looking to prove themselves as serious crime fighters, all while falling into hilarious hijinks and shenanigans. The comedy feature is set to hit the silver screen in October.

Anyone who loves fashion and entertainment should check out the Web site The site is designed for anyone who considers him or herself a walking style guru. It innovatively combines all things fashion, entertainment, and social networking. Convenience is a major factor because it is one of the few places to update on not only fashion news and clothing inspirations, but also the local weather.

One of the really cool features is that users are shown different daily looks and fashion inspirations and then are given the choice to like and dislike the options of clothing and accessories. After these choices are made the Web site adapts and shows items that fit the user’s aesthetic each day.

StyleCaster features different fashion blogs and news stories that are both very informative and up-to-date. People can get advice from real life stylists and fashion experts on the latest trends and style tips.

The site also allows users to look for new hip items that they can find in local stores such as Forever 21 and H&M. The Web site was recently the host to one of the first ever live streamed fashion shows from New York Fashion Week. They made history by streaming Vivienne Tam’s spring 2010 collection to all of its users worldwide. is a one stop shop kind of Web site with a variety of interesting fashion features.

Every St John’s student who enjoys food (which most likely is everyone) should visit this Web site. The website is focused on the many dining services at St. Johns University. One can view all the menus and even see the featured weekly specials. The site also gives information on upcoming events that correlate to dining services.

The Web site is not just focused on the food everyone eats, but it also gives information on how the school helps preserve the sustainability of the environment through a number of different programs including renewable packaging, waste reduction programs, and use of humane meat and seafood products.

People can also find helpful nutritional tools
such as a chart, food calculator, and journal. A page on how to maintain a healthy weight can also be seen. Those with culinary interests can find and submit recipes.

Now no one ever has to make the long trek to Montgoris only to find out that he or she does not like the menu. All this information can now be found online.