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Visitors Are Here

ABC’s newest science-fiction TV series
recreates the 1983 miniseries of the same name, chronicling the arrival of an alien species to earth that claim to come in peace but may possess ulterior motives.

The season premiere opened on Nov. 3 with a giant spaceship hovering over 29 major cities in the world. Anna (played by Morena Baccarin), the charismatic leader of the extra-terrestrials (dubbed ‘Visitors’), claims the aliens are harmless. Skeptical of the visitor’s intentions and nervous about the outcome of their visit, a small number of humans plan to find a way to protect themselves.

While the group of humans band together, FBI Counter-Terrorism agent Erica Evans (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) distrusts Anna and decides to investigate the Visitors’ intentions. Evans discovers that the Visitors have purchased a huge shipment of C4 and are in the final stages of taking over the world.

V works to bring a wider audience by having a romance develop between Tyler Evans, the FBI agent’s son, and a young Visitor named Lisa, the head of the New York mother ship.

By delving into societal and structural problems found in the United States, the show appeals to the older generation as well.

The lead actress is Anna, a strong character in the show that sways
audience’s feelings about the Visitor’s motives. With her intense facial expressions and her use of strong language, viewers want to side with her.

The acting is great, and the show’s graphics and special effects are impressive as well. The Visitor’s space ship is depicted beautifully, making the show seem more authentic. Also, the representation of the Visitors in human form is well done, making them appear as every other human.

Unfortunately, the show has some flaws.

Though it appeals to a wide audience, it is extremely geared towards sci-fi viewers. At first glance, a person uninterested in sci-fi might not want to watch it. Some parts of the show seem unrealistic, however, the plot is well produced.

While these questions are still being sorted out, the premiere episode revealed V as a fast-paced sci-fi drama that taps into the viewers’ senses and should be seen for the entertainment and exquisite special effects. The show is political, fun, exciting and interesting, and offers something for all audiences.

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