All Hail The King of Pop

Iconic. Legendary. Simply one of a kind.

These are just a few of the descriptions that will forever be synonymous with a man who changed the entertainment industry so remarkably we crowned him the King of Pop.

With a fan base unmatched by any other artist and a reach that covers the entire world, Michael Jackson’s impact on music is undeniable. In the movie documentary entitled This Is It, Jackson’s fans are left with more than two hours of rehearsal footage for a comeback concert that now will never be,.

The film, which opened on Oct. 28, was originally scheduled for a limited two-week engagement. Due to popular demand, it will be remain in theatres until Thanksgiving.

This Is It is more than a documentary of concert rehearsals; the film offers fans and curious minds one last glimpse into the perfectionist behavior of an icon. From Jackson’s childish, but cute giggles when his music director says “booty” to his humble request that every element of the show be on par, the entire movie radiates with Jackson’s charisma.

For all the die-hard fans who grew up listening and dancing to Jackson’s music, the film will probably be an emotional ride, watching Jackson rehearse for what would have been a phenomenal concert.

The film features rehearsal footage of fan favorites such as “Smooth Criminal,” “Billie Jean,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Sumthin,” “Man in the Mirror,” and an astounding 3D version of the timeless “Thriller.”

The best moments of the film are when Jackson is on stage by himself, without dancers or special effects, crooning his heart out. Through the eyes of his dancers, vocalists and director Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson, was flawless.

For those who thought age may have robbed Jackson of his ability to put on a performance, the film shows that even at 50, he still moved like he did when he was 20, crotch thrusts and all.

Unfortunately, the film leaves the audience wanting more insight into the King of Pop.

There are no revelations as to who Jackson was as a person outside of his life as an entertainer. What the movie does accomplish is capturing why so many of Jackson’s fans initially fell in love with him and why they continue to do so.

In the film, audiences are given a chance to view how much dedication Jackson put into his craft, doing everything in his power to get what was in his head onto the stage. Jackson truly cared about his fans, always going above and beyond to nourish his performance so that it “sizzled.”