Issues addressed at Student Gov. forum

Student Government, Inc. sponsored an open forum with University administrators to discuss numerous issues including the residence hall visitation policy, cleanliness at Montgoris Dining Hall, student protection and the room selection process. The forum was held Thursday, Nov. 12.

Administrators in attendance included Thomas Lawrence, vice president of Public Safety, Dominic Petruzzelli, director of Residence Life, Kenneth Waldhof, executive director of Auxiliary Services, and Jim Walters, director of Residence Ministry.

One student asked about the visitation policies in the dorms.

According to Petruzzelli, the University has a visitation policy that is designed to protect students. “We have the same visitation policy on all university properties,” he said. “The current visitation policy was created by students.”

The current overnight visitation policy allows students to have same-sex guests for three nights in a seven day period with a limit of 20 nights per semester.

One student voiced concern over cleanliness issues in Montgoris Dining Hall including problems with bugs and rodents.

Kenneth Waldhof acknowledged the problem.

“We are aware of the problem and we have brought in an exterminator,” Waldhof said.

“One problem is that insects look for a
warm place to stay.”

Students also raised questions about protection for walking to and from off-campus housing.

Petruzzelli said the safety of traveling students is an important issue that they have already taken steps to address. The University created a late-night shuttle, which runs from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. in addition to the regular shuttle which already runs during the day.

Lawrence said security issues with students going to and from campus usually occur late at night or when students are alone. He said his department has urged student to travel in groups.

Petruzzelli addressed issues about the room selection process, saying it is being overhauled. “The Donovan community room was a bad venue,” he said. “The deposits and the room selection form will still be online, with the [actual] selection in person.”

Petruzzelli added that the Office of Residence Life is considering having specific areas in housing assigned to seniors, juniors and graduate students.

The monthly student government open forum series will continue in December with an IT forum.