Students wait-listed for Discover the World program

Students looking to spend their spring studying abroad will have to wait another semester.

According to the Office of Global Studies, this is the first year the department has had to wait-list students trying to go abroad in the spring semester.

Global Studies said that students were wait-listed because of a higher number of applications.

Senior Rob Schubert, a peer advisor for the department, said that there are currently 10 students on the waiting list and that
some have already come off.

He said that the Office of Global Studies attributes the rise in applications to the department’s new push in advertising and marketing, as well as the good reviews by student’s who have gone through the experience.

“Most people have fantastic experiences, and everyone who comes back talks it up, which I think is really helpful,” Schubert said.

St. John’s offers several options for students interested in studying abroad.

St. John’s Discover the World program brings students to both the University’s Paris and Rome campuses for five weeks. The final five weeks can be spent at a universiy in Dublin, Ireland or Salamanca, Spain. Students also have the option to spend an entire semester at either of the University’s campuses.

Ellen Beebe, a junior, went on the DTW Program last semester. She said it was an “eye-opening experience” that every student should be able to have.

“I knew I was going to go abroad no matter what school I went to, and when I got to St. John’s the DTW program just seemed too good to pass up,” she said.

Catherine Silva, a junior, is studying abroad next semester.

“I originally heard about the program from friends who went and absolutely loved it,” she said.

“Since I love to travel and still have some core classes to take I thought it would be the perfect opportunity
for me.”

Donnell Jones, a junior, is currently on the waiting list for spring Discover the World. He said he is hoping that he will get off the waiting list in time to go.

“I probably can’t apply again since I’ll be a senior, but they told me that basically a
lot of people drop every year,” he said.

“I’m very disappointed but hopefully I’ll get in.”

Beebe said she strongly recommends that students look into the many opportunities St. John’s had provided.

“Everyone should go abroad because it’s just such an amazing experience. You learn and live in new settings, having experiences you could never have by just staying in New York.”