Getting personal at the gym

Deciding to go and spend time at the gym is the first hurdle to tackle when trying to get into shape. The second task is figuring out how to actually get the machines to work to your advantage, without hurting yourself or getting overwhelmed. That’s where the fitness center’s personal trainers come in handy.

Five CPR and AED-certified personal trainers work at the Center and are available for hire. The cost of sessions depends on how many times someone would want to visit with the trainer, ranging from $10 to $110.

One session with a personal trainer costs $10, four costs $36, eight costs $75, and twelve sessions costs $110.

One of the trainers, Charles Kim, is a senior in the ROTC program at the University and has been a personal trainer for four years. He believes that being involved in ROTC plays a large role in his training style with his clients.

“My style is very aggressive,” said Kim. “If I see slacking in any way, I’ll be hounding that person.”

In addition to training students at the Center, Kim will be running a new fitness class in March called Cross Fit. The purpose of the Cross Fit program is to help students strengthen and condition their bodies.
After experiencing the Cross Fit program himself, Kim made a big effort to include this class for St. John’s students and faculty.

One of Kim’s personal training clients, senior Allen Crane, trains with Kim three times a week.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always worked out. But by freshman year, I got lazy and out of shape and I just didn’t feel healthy, so I changed things up,” he said.

“All the gym trainers really know the
ir stuff and are really disciplined with their workout program. Listen to them and you’ll get in the shape you want to.”

Ashley Meadows, fitness coordinator at the center, feels that being fit is just as important as other investments into a student’s life.

“It’s an investment into your future,” said Meadows, who graduated from St. John’s recently and has been a personal trainer since 2006.

“Most people want to diet, extreme diet, but more consistent and moderate changes [are needed]. Staying healthy requires both a healthy diet and a good workout,” she said. “They go hand in hand.”

Kim agrees that a healthy diet is essential to fitness and that without it, it’s impossible to stay fit. “The number one thing is diet. If you just try eliminating sugar…I will guarantee you will feel better,” he said.