Women in Sports Day

Marillac Terrace was as pink as ever at last Saturday’s
Women in Sports Day.

More than five hundred students, faculty and administrators gathered together to celebrate the achievement of women’s athletics and to raise money for breast cancer research during the 13th annual Pink Zone event.

“Pink Zone, Women in Sports Day is a fun and memorable day for women’s athletics because it gives us a chance to promote ourselves and how strong female athletes can really be to the younger kids,” said junior Kayla Motoyama.

This program was sponsored by the department of Student Life, LEADership Development, Women’s basketball, Student Government, Inc. and Campus Activties.

“Many different areas of the University community come together to contribute to the annual success of this event,” said Mary Pelkowski, associate dean of Student Engagement.

Pelkowski recalled how only 50 people were only in attendance on the first Women in Sports Day to discuss the importance of Women’s Athletics and Title IX.

Today, Pink Zone has evolved into a day of numerous festivities including a youth clinic in the morning and women’s basketball team always has a game on that

This year, Pink Zone was headlined by Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May Treanor, who served as the event’s
keynote speaker.

In her speech, Treanor discussed her journey to the Athens and Beijing Olympics, sharing stories about injuries she sustained during competition and how she bounced back from them. She also touched upon the emotional subject about her mother’s death and how that drove her to keep working through any adversities thrown her way.

Treanor also discussed how athletes should “always have a Plan B.”

For Treanor, her “Plan B “is going back to college to receive a degree in coaching and administration.

“Every year the event has been amazing and we have really had some great female athletes the past few years with Lisa Leslie, Jennie Finch and now Misty May Treanor,” said SGI vice president Christina Zaccarelli. “Even though the day is meant to raise awareness for breast cancer and celebrate women in sports, all of these athletes have shared stories and inspirational words that can be
applied anyone’s life.”
Treanor’s story touched not only students, but administrators, especially Pelkowski.

“I thought her message was inspiring, humble and insightful,” said Pelkowski. “I too lost my mom to cancer and I related in so many ways to her message and the special relationship that only a mother and daughters share.”