First Listen

The Presidential Society is making their presence felt in the recording industry with three solo artists under one umbrella: PremeDaPrez, Absolut’ the Great, and Kayla Bliss.

PremeDaPrez (who refers to himself as the President) surrounds himself with like-minded individuals. With Kayla and Absolut’ by his side, the birth of a movement began.

Preme’s vision of a complete take-over is surely becoming a reality with an intense buzz brewing across the club circuit. His recent release, The Streets Need Music, is a brilliant blend of popular radio remixes and original recordings.† From beginning to end, the highly anticipated mixtape is an ear pleaser.† It is loaded with numerous up-tempo songs like “Good Life” and “I’m Paid.” His obvious connection with words can be felt on “The Boss.”† With an inventive flow and strong punch lines, Preme delivers.

Kayla Bliss may be new to listeners, but with performances at Madison Square Garden and Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary concert, she’s no stranger to success.†With the recent release of her mixtape entitled Face The Music, the songstress leaves audience members no choice but to recognize her true talent and skill. As a vocalist, songwriter and producer, the triple threat offers raw heartfelt emotion in songs such as “Sandstorm” and “Make Him Say,” both original productions. The combination of harmonious vocals and energizing beats create nothing short of R&B perfection.

The lyricist, Absolut’ the Great, uses music as an emotional outlet.† Expressing reality through sound, his music defines a man at different moments of his life.† Through his lyrical content and expressive flow, listeners get a glimpse into the world he calls his own.† Absolut’s fall 2009 release, Drunk Words Sober Thoughts, highlights his versatile subject matter, with such songs as “Un-human Nature” and “I Wonder Why.”† The mixtape’s blend of hip-hop soul and classic reggae make it a unique listen.†

Absolut’s latest mixtape, titled REMYnisce, takes listeners on a journey through time.† It features remixes of well-known R&B hits, both new and old alike. Released on Valentine’s Day, the special project explores the themes of lustful desires and true love.† Although REMYnisce caters to the ladies, male audiences are sure to enjoy it as they reflect on past experiences.††

More than a movement, the Presidential Society is a family. With numerous fans on their side and steady growing support, the musical empire they have created is steadily rising.† For up-to-date releases, visit and