In A League Of Its Own

She’s Out of My League is a romantic comedy that attempts to tackle questions of physical appearance and attraction in relationships. Although frustrating to watch, the film succeeds at being genuinely funny.†

†Jay Baruchel stars as Kirk, an unambitious and unattractive guy who has extremely low self-esteem and a crappy life.†People view him as too nice and continuously take advantage of him. He has a dead-end job as security personnel at an airport and his ex-girlfriend, along with her new boyfriend, lives with Kirk and his family.

Molly (played by Alice Eve) enters Kirk’s life as a successful and gorgeous event planner, the quintessential “10,” according to his standards. To his surprise, she becomes smitten with him after he saves her at the metal detectors. As their relationship begins, Kirk must learn to shed his insecurities and convince himself that he is good enough for Molly.

The characters in the film fit their roles perfectly. Eve is exceptional as Molly, skillfully mixing gracefulness with charm despite her overpowering good looks.†Baruchel shows no range in his role as he continues to play the awkward, nerdy guy, a role he plays frequently and quite well. T.J. Miller is the center of attention as Kirk’s best friend, Stainer, who gives an astonishingly hilarious performance.

She’s Out of My League is the first feature film from director Jim Field Smith, who seems to struggle with the material.†The screenplay boasts a flurry of jokes, but†the story relies on a tired formula for romantic comedies and fails to create any real tension between the characters. The actors and their interaction seem forced and not fleshed out, leaving audiences detached from the characters. However, a hint of sarcasm and moderate use of profanity in the dialogue keep the light-hearted flow of humor going throughout the film.

Ultimately, the film’s biggest downfall is its message.†Its attempts at shattering social norms are thwarted by its persistent use of numbers to label the physical worth of a person and its incessant abuse on Kirk’s character. In a day where nice guys seem to finish last, Kirk becomes more of a caricature, instead of a protagonist to root for.

Despite its flaws, She’s Out of My League is still an entertaining movie that would make for an adequate way to spend a Friday night.