E-mail sent to students about schedule, registration for classes to start in early April

The negative reaction from students at last week’s academic forum failed to derail the
University’s plans of modifying the schedule
structure next semester, but resulted in a
promise to assess its impact.

In an e-mail from President Rev. Donald
J. Harrington and Provost Julia Upton sent to undergraduate students March 18, the administration acknowledged that despite schedule talks occurring “extensively during the past three to four years,” students were correct in feeling they were not “consulted” in the decision-making process.

“We regret that and apologize, and we are
taking steps to address issues that have now
been brought to our attention,” the statement read. “While, as you can undoubtedly understand, it is too late to alter the schedule for fall 2010, we are putting into place a structure and plan for assessing the impact of the new schedule and for determining how best to move forward and making changes to address continuing concerns.”

Rev. Harrington and Upton were away on
University business in Rome last week and
were unavailable for comment.

The e-mail mentions that a task force
made up of members from Student Government,
dean’s offices and the Division of Student
Affairs will be created to monitor the new
schedule’s effectiveness.

“We recognize that change is often accompanied by anxiety and uncertainty,” said the letter. “Our goal remains as it always has been: to provide, for all of our students, the very best academic experience possible.”

Class registration for the fall 2010 semester is fast approaching and will begin Tuesday, April 6. As usual, students with the most course credits will receive the earliest registration time slots.

Students should contact their department
advisors and make advisement appointments
as soon as possible in order to have their registration forms approved. Students can run advisement reports on UIS prior to meeting with their advisors and bring them to the meeting.