First Listen

A fashionista turned singer, Yoodee Frances is an up-and-coming music artist to
look out for.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Frances attended the Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. Shortly after, she was given the opportunity to work with various producers in New York City. She decided to move from New Jersey to NYC and pursue a music career instead.

Since then, the R&B/pop singer has been hard at work, perfecting her craft as a singer.

Yodee’s sound cannot be kept in a boxed genre and is a diverse blend of R&B, pop and hip-hop, fused with a bit of alternative rock. A songwriter as well, Yodee writes lyrics that reflect her attitude on various experiences and topics that women face, such as love, boys and dreams.

The Inferno was able to sit down with the singer and discuss how she is breaking into the music business. She admitted that the transition from fashion to music was a hard one but with the help of her current music producer/manager, Var Ez, she has been able to adapt.

Having been raised in a strict, Haitian household where becoming a “pop star” was not encouraged, Frances sprinkles a bit of her “I don’t care what you think, I’ma do me” attitude into her music. She also strives to make it apparent that she is a multifaceted artist. From writing every song she has released to designing clothes after attending a prestigious design school, the variety of talents this young female possesses makes her a great contender for success in the entertainment industry.

Her songs express a wide range of emotions from aggression to fearlessness to love, with titles such as “No Doubt” and “Sicker than Average.” In an age where lyrical content is not appreciated as much as it used to be, Frances’ approach to music is quite refreshing.

In 2010, look out for more new music and performances from Yodee Frances. She will be one of the music acts at University of Pennsylvania’s “Spring Fling ’10” next month, which is headlined by hip-hop artist, Kid Cudi. Frances can also be spotted performing throughout the city on the local nightclub scene.