Gleeks Unite for Another Season

Millions tuned into Fox last Tuesday for the highly anticipated return of the hit television show, Glee, back with it, an all-star cast and popular musical selections.

The inspiring musical comedy show centers on high school students who aren’t a part of the “in-crowd” but have exceptional voices.

They join the school’s unpopular choir, advised by their Spanish teacher. The students compete for the glory of winning competitions as well as in their social lives. They often find themselves struggling for funds and likeability, especially against the popular cheerleading team, the Cheerios.

The second season premiere was done well but played out like a generic episode. It gave viewers insight into how the relationships between characters have progressed after the unveiling of Quinn Fabray (played by Diana Agron) and Terri Schuester’s (played by Jessalyn Gilsig) secret baby plans. The students believe they are now popular after winning sectionals but their eyes are opened when they walk through the school doors and once again, get jumbo slurpees thrown in their faces.

The musical selections were nothing spectacular as compared to the first half of the season. Each character sounded great but the spark seemed to be missing. The best performances were by Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) when she sings an attitude-filled Gives You Hell by the All-American Rejects. She wows audiences again in a duet of Lionel Richie’s Hello with Jesse St. James (played by Jonathan Groff), a new character with a mesmerizing voice from an opposing choir. A budding romance begins between the two.

Mr. Schuester (played by Matthew Morrison) tries to pump up the team after unnecessary stress from the school principal as well as the hilarious Cheerios coach, Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch) whose plan is to think of any outrageous scheme to knock the show choir team off their pedestal. Quinn and Puck (played by Mark Sailing) try to make it work while Finn (played by Cory Monteith) secretly pines for her attention and ignores Berry. The other characters fade into the background.

Despite the high expectations, Gleeks everywhere will still tune in, especially to next week’s Madonna tribute episode. Glee was an ultimate success last year and will continue to be this year as well. With its amazing cast and punch line humor, it’s hard not to get addicted.