Mr. West is in the Building

When the name Kanye West gets mentioned these days, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Conceited, obnoxious or perhaps Taylor Swift?

Although critics have labeled the rapper/producer as eccentric and a bit arrogant, West’s musical genius has managed to overshadow that. Speculation about his next album may be the only way for the artist to evade the drama that has shrouded his career.

In 2008, West released his experimental album, 808’s and Heartbreak. The melodramatic and electronica-esque album was
received by some as an expansion of creative ingenuity, which inspired other artists such as Lil’ Wayne (Rebirth) to step outside the box and explore other genres. To others, West releasing an R&B album was a waste of his talent, especially with his excessive use of the auto-tune feature.

Soon after its release, West was struck with the death of his beloved mother, manager, and mentor, Donda West. Paired with the infamous MTV Video Music Awards incident with Taylor Swift, West appears to be on a hiatus.

In the midst of the silence, rumors about West currently working on a new album (tentatively named Good Ass Job) in Hawaii has been discussed over the airwaves and in online blogs. It is scheduled for release this June and returns to the original style that made West popular, with material similar to that of 2004’s College Dropout and 2007’s Graduation albums.

Rapper/singer Drake revealed that he will be a guest on West’s upcoming album and gave it praise during an interview with GQ magazine.

“His [Kanye’s] album is going to be one of the best hip-hop albums in the last 10 years.” Pusha T of The Clipse and Q-Tip is also said to appear.

Producers on the album are Pete Rock and RZA (of the Wu-Tang Clan). In an excerpt from, DJ Premier also commented about West’s next CD, saying, “His new album is strictly hard beats and rhyme…You’re gonna be surprised by what you hear.”

In spite of the controversy, West constantly seems to be involved in, the hype about his next album has fans excited about the rapper’s comeback.

On his own blog, West wrote about his comeback. “I want to thank everybody for their constant love and support…I’m so happy to be back in the studio making new music,” the rapper said.

“It’s funny how rappers get worse as their careers stretch out…true poets get better.”