The Information Technology Department has begun fixing student’s
individual laptops at stations around campus after the McAfee
VirusScan update that caused many St. John’s computers to shut-down

The corruptive file was found to not have caused damage to any files
on the computers affected. In an email sent out to all students, the
IT department said that they have started to the process of repairing
the University’s computers and are expected to finish sometime today.

Joseph Tufano, vice president of Information Technology said his
department had people working hard on the problem.

“We worked pretty late into the night trying to repair computers in
classrooms, labs, and the D’Angelo Center,” he said. “We had to tweak
the procedure that we got from McAfee yesterday but we got it down
very well.”

Student’s personal laptops have to be fixed manually at either the
Laptop Shop or any of the stations set up around campus.

“We have tables set up around campus to help our students recover,”
Tufano said. “It’s a very short recovery, I can take a CD put it in my
computer, enter one command, and after that it’s very simple to fix.”

Maura Woods, associate vice president of Information Technology, said
the goal was to set up the tables so that students would able to
conveniently correct the problem with the aid of a technician.

“By midday we had handled over 200 students,” she said. Students were
passing and just took five minutes to fix their computers and were on
their way.”