Student Wellness: a positive resource

When some students think of Student Wellness, they assume it is just the campus doctor’s office, but according to Luis Manzo, the director of Student Wellness, it is much more than that.

Student Wellness is broken down into four categories: health services, counseling and consultation, wellness education and prevention and campus recreation.

The programs offered from Health Services are the “doctor’s office” portion of Student Wellness. The office is comprised of two registered nurses and a physician. They deal with colds, the flu and other illnesses.

Health Services also writes prescriptions for medications. However, they cannot fill a prescription; that has to be done at a local pharmacy. College
students are required to have health insurance, and Health Services offers health insurance for those who aren’t insured. The Affordable Healthcare Act, known as Obamacare, has made it possible for kids to stay with their parents health insurance until the age of twenty-six. According to Manzo, if you are insured with your parents and their insurance meets the requirements, you’re covered.

The next division within Student Wellness is counseling and consultation. If you’re having a bad day, feeling homesick or struggling with an
academic workload, the Counseling Center is there to help.  The Counseling Center offers one-on-one counseling and group counseling. As in all counseling practices, everything discussed is completely confidential. All the services within the counseling and consultation office are free.

“Which is great,” Manzo said. “Because therapy session can cost up to $100 a session.”

Stress Busters which can be found at every Java Johnnies event or any of the activities fairs, is another branch of Student Wellness. This is a program that offers free back-rubs to students and faculty to help relieve stress.

Student Wellness oversees Campus Recreation too. Aside from sports, Student Wellness is also in charge of the fitness center located in Carnesecca.

Students are rewarded for attending the various events and being proactive when it comes to health and wellness, something Student Wellness strives for.

“Students can receive MVP points for attending workout programs such as Zumba, or Yoga,” Manzo said.

Student Wellness hopes to improve the health, wellness and stress levels of all students and act as a resource as students make St. John’s their home away from home.