Girls: Season Two

It’s no surprise that HBO’s Girls just won two Golden Globe Awards as Lena Dunham, the creator and star of the series who portrays Hannah, brought the drama for the premiere of the second season and “It’s About Time.”

The second season of Girls premiered on January 13th, the same night as the Golden Globe Awards, where Lena and her costars received two awards. Lena and her costars accepted an award for Best Television Series, and Lena herself accepted an award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, both in the comedy or musical category. It was clear while Lena nervously and slightly clumsily was accepting her awards, how much of herself she puts into her character on the show, Hannah.

Last season, Hannah was with Adam until the season finale where they broke up due to Hannah’s insecure and openly vulnerable nature. Adam said he loves her, and when she didn’t respond they start to fight over her insecurities. During their fight in the middle of the street, after Jessa and John’s surprise wedding, a truck hit Adam. When he didn’t let her in the ambulance Hannah fell asleep on the train and ended up in Coney Island, eating left over surprise wedding party cake on the beach. The tables were turned this season when Hannah is portrayed as being strangely confident and has seemed to take control of her feelings. Now being in new relationship, she still has to balance the guilt she holds from Adam’s accident.

The series addressed some controversy from last season, which Lena and her writers resolved within the first 2 minutes of the second season. The scene opened with Hannah saying, “I wanted this so bad,” while nakedly straddling her new black Republican boyfriend. This is important because the series was under fire last season for not being diverse enough and this detailed scene was a clear reminder is why the writers for Girls are so great.

As for the other girls, Hannah’s former roommate Marnie is getting over a breakup with Charlie and taking on a new attitude. Jessa is enjoying being a newlywed, and Shoshanna reignites her fling with Ray.

Lena has made it clear in the characters she’s made that she wants you to fall in love with their charm, laugh at their wit and get all hot during the racy scenes. This show is a wake up call to what television is supposed to do, entertain and make you feel. Every week is like another act in a play full of cliffhangers but collectively the story makes sense. Girls, has proven to be an exciting series now with two more awards to back it up. Tune in Sundays at 9 on HBO to see what the rest of the second season has to offer.