Fans go Gaga over Cyrus’ VMA performance

Fans go Gaga over Cyrus’ VMA performance

The 2013 MTV VMAs aired on Sunday, Aug 25, and even if you missed this intense award show night, you sure heard about it.

The show started off with a theatrical performance of Lady Gaga’s new single “Applause,” where the pop singer showed off her love of artifice by going through each of her album “eras” portraying them with different outfits and wig changes.

Eventually coming out in seashell undergarments  (inspired by Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”) from her latest music video for “Applause,” she became “ARTPOP” Gaga, in which she remained the rest of the night.

If that performance did not shock you, the next one sure did. Miley Cyrus, in an effort to put a final squash on her “Hannah Montana” days, gyrated and “twerked,” (if you want to refer her moves as that), on stage to her single, “We Can’t Stop.” This all blended into her performing “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke, and her dancing continued during 2Chainz performance in “Give It 2 U,” leaving most of us mentally scarred for the rest of our lives. The faces in the audience were priceless, especially Rihanna’s at this point and all I was left thinking of was poor Billy Ray Cyrus.

The following performance was “Blood on the Leaves,” by Kanye West, which according to the mixed reviews on my Twitter feed was an acquired taste. It was an artful performance. With the dark stage and the background of trees and leaves left me feeling like I was watching a well-directed music video. Ironically, Taylor Swift came up on stage after Kanye to accept her award for Best Female Video for “Trouble”, and couldn’t leave the stage humbly and gracefully. She just had to give a dig at ex-beau Harry Styles by saying, “Who knows exactly who he is,” after half-heartedly dedicating the song to the guy who inspired it. I could feel the groaning and eye-rolling through my television.

Macklemore took the stage again to accept his award for “Best Video with a Social Message,” for “Same Love,” saying, “Gay rights are human rights, there is no separation,” wrapping up the song’s message.

Justin Timberlake then started what would be referred to later on as the best performance of the night. He started with his latest single, “Take Back the Night,” and progressively transitioned backwards to his first solo hit. The music slowed and then the crowd went wild for the N’SYNC reunion song and everyone’s inner tween came out to play at that moment. After the rest of the N’SYNC boy’s exited stage left, Justin performed “Mirrors,” for which promptly afterward he received the Video Vangard Award and said, “I don’t deserve this award but I’m not going to give it back.” Swooning.

The Best Song of the summer went to One Direction’s “Best Song Ever,” which immediately led to a crowd of booing mixed in with some cheers, apparently because of Taylor Swift’s comment earlier. Lady Gaga reportedly left after this to meet the boys in the back where she said, “You guys deserve every single thing that you have accomplished in the past few years. I am going to leave the award show now because they are obviously trying to put you in the wrong light and it’s disgusting.”

Overall, the VMAs were a hit, and one of the best shows they’ve put on in a while. Though I’m sure the world could have lived without a few less gyrations.