Jhene Aiko releases alternative R&B single

Shantavia Thomas, Staff Writer

The little songbird we’ve grown to love has released a new single that just tickles our eardrums. Jhené Aiko describes in detail what she wants her lover to do to her body in the most intimate of ways, but of course, she makes it sound so pretty. Produced by the Fisticuffs duo, the sexy track is a new theme for the “Bed Peace” singer.

The smoothness of the single is typical Jhené, staying safe in her alternative R&B genre. Lyrically, however, the song is much more sensual than we’re used to hearing.

The story of the track is Jhené having a love affair, maybe with a “sometimes” mate. Jhené’s voice is so soft and slides across the instrumental that you don’t even notice the lyrics are mildly graphic (from her typical repertoire). Jhené herself seems to be growing more comfortable in her genre of sound.

Given her longevity in the music industry, the 27-year-old mother has only recently been given mainstream acknowledgement for her soulful prowess. She has solidified her placement in the genre that seems to be growing in popularity; however Jhené can confidently say she was one of the first to pin it.

When she appears on any soft instrumental, her voice takes over. The bedroom fantasy that turns into a ‘living room flow’ is very much a highly descriptive tale of foreplay and intimate intercourse. It’s definitely a new subject matter from the singer, but it doesn’t seem to bother her growing fan base.

No word if Jhené will be putting out a new album this year, but “Souled Out” (2014) is still fresh in our iTunes library.tremes Drake can offer.

Overall, this is a transitional period for Drake. No one was expecting an album, putting people on their heels and forcing them to judge quickly. Critics and listeners agree that Drake is heading in the right direction. Drake is at his best when he raps with conviction. Complementary sing-alongs are inevitable, but they have to balance not overwhelm.

There aren’t many songs you’ll scramble to skip and the hype is mostly gone, so “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.”