Passion Pit announces third “Kindred” album title

Jon Manarang, Staff Writer

After a lengthy tour for their 2012 release “Gossamer,” Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit announced in 2014 the release of a then-untitled third album.

The upcoming release, now known as “Kindred,” features the signature sugar-sweet, sucrose laden hooks that casual listeners and major fans have come to associate with the band.

Initially, on Feb. 16, 2015, the single “Lifted (1985)” was released. It featured a massive chorus and production indicative of modern electronica with some elements reminiscent of David Guetta and other pop artists. On the track, the band plays heavily into the loud/soft dynamic similar to some of their bigger hits like “Sleepyhead” and “Take a Walk.”

However, the band does understand a flipside to the bombastic sound they have been known to feature in writing the smooth, bass-driven “Where the Sky Hangs,” which is sonically a more upbeat version of “Constant Conversations.”

Aside from lead singer Michael Angelakos’ production work, there are also contributions from electronica producer Benny Blanco (noted for his work with Kesha and Maroon 5), as well as German film composer Hans Zimmer who is known for soundtracks in “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the “Batman” series.

Since the release of “Gossamer,” Angelakos has married his girlfriend Kristina Mucci who was a significant muse for the record.

The track “On My Way” was written for her and the album itself was dedicated to Mucci. Her influence is still present on “Kindred” in the lyrics of the record and even the track “Lifted (1985)” uses the year in which she was born.

About the uplifting positivity of the record, Angelakos claims, “is certainly a much more optimistic record. It’s autobiographical. I’ve never been in a more stable place where I can now look to the future [and] think of all the things I want to make better [and] healthier and be happy. There’s obviously tons of frustration and confusion all over the record, but that’s part of figuring it all out.”

Amongst the discourse of Angelakos’ personal life is his struggle with bipolar disorder, which he attributes to his lack of a prolific catalog and believes has hindered his career. The singer was placed on suicide watch during the production of “Gossamer” and has even criticized films such as “Silver Linings Playbook” for their “cheap use of mental health as legs for plot.”

The album artwork, promotional material and lyrics portray this record as one of the most focused and thematic albums of the band’s catalog to date. Even at some of the more-down tempo moments of the record, it plays as a dance pop record through and through. Featuring the same bright, vivid colors, the visuals reflect a sense of nostalgia and naïveté which denotes a sense of romanticization in looking back on youth.

All in all, the record shows Passion Pit fitting neatly into the niche Angelakos has carved for themselves since first writing the “Chunk of Change” EP back in 2008 and sharpening his hooks along the way.