“WTF:” Missy Elliott is back

Kori Williams, Staff Writer

This isn’t exactly a comeback, but with a song like this, it’s almost like she never left. Rapper and producer Missy Elliott has had a long- standing career in the music industry, but she’s been sparsely seen for the past few years. She’s released some singles that haven’t connected so well with fans, but it looks like Elliot hasn’t lost her edge.

Elliott just released her single “WTF (Where They From’s)” music video on Nov. 12.  As of Saturday, the video has gotten close to four million views on the Atlantic Records YouTube channel and it makes it look as if Missy never left.

The bright colors, crazy outfits and makeup have always been a staple in her career. In her initial appearance in the video, her outfit is a mirrored track suit with glittery lipstick to match. Another look features half of her face covered in yellow spots contrasted by bright blue eyeshadow.

The songstress and Pharrell Williams, who is featured in the song, appear as marionette dolls dancing to the song’s beat.

The video continues on with that theme as Elliot and her dancers perform as human-sized boxes and in outfits that are covered in plastic.

The pulsing lights throughout help cultivate the song as an option for a Friday night post-work kickback, but can also  be used to dance with  friends after you draw the curtains.

While the video is a reflection of her iconic vision, there are also mentions of today’s trends. The futuristic feel of the video is pushed forward by dances and tricks that were performed on those balancing scooters that have been seen all over campus. It’s in direct contrast with the baggy, oversized pants and hoodies scattered throughout the video.

The dancers, which have been a constant in Elliott’s videos, delivered. Their energy and consistency, alongside the rapper, has a fluidity that matches her own.

Missy Elliot took her time off because of health issues. She’s been battling with Graves Disease, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a disease that causes the body to overproduce thyroid hormones.

This can cause a number of things including a fast or irregular heartbeat and weight loss. Tremors, another symptom, were experienced by Elliott firsthand. In an interview with People Magazine, she stated that she was diagnosed after almost crashing her car from being unable to keep the car brake down.

Despite this setback, she hasn’t been completely off the radar. During her absence, Missy Elliott performed with Katy Perry at the Super Bowl earlier this year and has worked with artists such as J Cole, Demi Lovato and, K-Pop artist, G-Dragon.

Elliott may not be singing with her head in her hand like in the video for “One Minute Man,” but “WTF (Where They From),”and its music video, shows that she can stay true to herself while adapting to an industry that has undoubtedly changed since her last album release over 10 years ago.