New Flix on Netflix: “Luke Cage”

Raven Haynes, Staff Writer

“Luke Cage” gives the classic super hero an edge just like in “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil,” but this time they put some black into it. Mike Colter gives an impressive performance as the main character of Marvel’s “Luke Cage”.

Set in Harlem, this show tackles many issues in the black community such as racial profiling, gentrification and police violence.

Each episode was thought out from Luke Cage’s first physical encounter to the shout out St. John’s received by the female lead, Misty Knight, played by Simone Cook. Mike Colter’s performance was constantly building with each appearance he made, whether it was talking about “coffee” or being a black man wearing a hoodie walking down the street.

The representation that came from this show was extraordinary. Not only was the cast highly diverse, but it went beyond the basic diversity roles to give a real world feel. The amount of black artist shown in this series was magnificent, when I heard the voice of Raphael Saadiq, I was hooked.

With each mention of a black historical figure, reciting of black literature or reference to black culture, I smiled with pride.

 Every episode brought a better understanding to Luke Cage.

I constantly wondered who he really was while I watched “Jessica Jones” and this show answered every question I had about him.

Cheo Hodari Coker the creator and executive producer of Luke Cage knew what direction he needed to take to make this show different from the other Marvel shows.

It wouldn’t be enough for him to be black, the character had to have a certain cool but sexy hero swagger that hasn’t been seen before.

Even though he simplifies Luke Cage into a “bulletproof black man” he is so much more. As the series goes on, I can only see a positive future.