Tribeca Film Festival Presents “Blow the Man Down”

Eduardo Alfonzo, Staff Writer

Photo/ Jeong “JP” Park

Usually in a time of mourning of a close relative or loved one, many people would try to comfort each other. However, instead of comfort, there’s a dead body in the ocean, a murder weapon that is missing and shady behavior amongst friends. That is the film, “Blow the Man Down,” in a nutshell and it’s fantastic.

Sophie Lowe and Morgan Saylor, played the Connolly Sisters (Priscilla and Mary Beth respectively), recently buried their mother in the town of Easter Cove, Maine. During their time of mourning, Mary Beth kills a man after a confrontation on her way home and asks her sister for help. The two quickly discover the secrets and dark mystery of their small town as a series of events began to unfold.

The biggest and best element of the film is the outstanding female-led cast. Along with our two main protagonists, Annette O’Toole, June Squibb and Margo Martindale also deliver performances ranging from calm and believable to threatening and unpredictable. The actors work well with each other and as a result, encourage the audience to truly care about the characters.

The film includes  shots of the New England town as it manages to convince the viewers that everyone knew each other and the history of this small town.

“Blow the Man Down” has strong acting, a great musical score, narrative and cinematography; it’s a film that shouldn’t be skipped.