Tribeca Film Festival Presents “Come to Daddy”

Eduardo Alfonzo, Staff Writer

Meeting your father after many years of absence is tough to get through, but, for Elijah Wood, there are more challenging events than reuniting with a lost parent.

Wood plays Norval, a young man who hasn’t seen his father since he was a child. One day, he receives an unexpected letter from his engaged father and decides to visit him. While, at first, he tries to reconnect with his dad, instead of experiencing a family reunion, he finds himself in a world of madness and mystery.

“Come to Daddy” does a great job of not only making the narrative feel dark and mysterious, but also, manages to bring in some good laughs. At the center of it all is Wood, who is the absolute highlight of the film.

Not only is he believable as Norval, but he manages to be both unstable and funny throughout the film. One scene that shows him dealing with his inner struggles about the situation that he is in while the next shows him having a laugh with his dad. No matter the scene or its content, Wood steals the show.

Half way through the film, there are a couple of surprises that make audience feel uncomfortable, yet unexpectedly amused. There are some scenes that are graphic and disturbing to the audience, but are balanced out by a subsequent tension-relieving and comical scene.

Through it’s unpredictable story and strong acting, “Come to Daddy” is one of the best dark comedies of 2019. With a great lead, great cast and its unpredictability, “Come to Daddy” is a film that you should check out.