Tribeca Film Festival Presents “Flawless”

Eduardo Alfonzo, Staff Writer

There are some stories that appeal to certain audiences because of the message that they bring. With that, there are some that tell their message well and some that don’t. While, “Flawless” does have flaws, the film nevertheless delivers a strong message about the issues of being a transgender person, thanks to efforts of directors Tal Grant and Sharon Maymon, alongside with Stav Strashko as the main lead, Eden.

“Flawless” tells the story of Eden, a transgender high school student, who, along with two of her best friends, Mika and Keshet, are all trying to get plastic surgery to prepare for prom, by selling their kidneys in Kiev. However, they’ll soon realize that their chosen path is not only a hard one, but also an unpleasant one.

The relationship between the main characters, Eden, Mika and Keshet, felt very believable because they were not perfect characters. These three make fun of each other, make bad decisions and do selfish things. Without giving away the ending, the relationship between the main characters changes after the surgery, which lead to various events that might upset the audience.

Not every issue gets resolved happily. In fact, there are several moments that were handled very realistically, which, make it more memorable.

With that said, there are flaws with “Flawless.” The first 30 minutes of the film does drag at times and some of the scenes feel either out of place or exaggerated.

In the end, “Flawless” may not be perfect, but, it does it’s job of handling the topic of transgender teenagers and the dangers of changing your body, very respectfully. It reflects of how members of the LGBTQ+ live their everyday lives and the challenges that they have to face. If you are dealing with these issues or wish to learn more, then “Flawless” might be for you.