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Staying Free Wired With A Movement

A new movement is taking over the airwaves.

The Los Angeles-based rap group The Far*East Movement has steadily infected the headphones of the party generation with hits like “Girls On The Dance Floor” and their latest single, “Like A G6.”  The superfly single has made its way across the country, streaming on heavy rotation at local radio stations, such as Z100 and 92.3 NOW.  It even climbed to #6 on the most popular singles chart on iTunes.

The members of F*M which comprise of Kev Nish, Prohgress (James Roh), J-Splif and DJ Virman had similar musical dreams since they met in college. Nish and Roh quit their former internships at Interscope Records to pursue music only to sign onto Cherrytree Records, a division of Interscope, several years later.

Their songs have become instant favorites, especially among the Asian community, whose support allowed the group’s popularity to grow in Los Angeles. Their song “Round, Round” was featured in The Fast & The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift soundtrack and more recently “Girls On The Dance Floor” received a spot in the Russell Brand and Jonah Hill comedy, Get Him To The Greek. Music fans may have also spotted F*M in a cameo in Snoop Dogg’s video for “I Wanna Rock.”

The guys have been touring all over the country and abroad, even opening up for Lady Gaga on her tour in Japan this past summer. The group also celebrated being officially signed on to Cherrytree/Interscope Records in February 2010. 

If one thing’s for sure, F*M’s career isn’t going anywhere but up.

They stopped by New York City in August to perform alongside their label mates, Kelis and Robyn on the All Hearts Tour. The Inferno had the opportunity to speak with the guys about their humble beginnings, their first official album, and most importantly, their fans.

 Inferno: A majority of your fan base can be credited to the Internet but not everyone can gain a mass amount of followers. What do you think F*M’s music represents and what makes it different from the music that’s out there?

Kev Nish: Our music, we like to say, represents a free wired lifestyle. It’s where you’re just free to geek out, be yourself whether you rock tank tops or shades and a tie. It’s good vibes, positivity and a lot of fun.

 Inferno: Is that the new name of the album and what’s the inspiration behind the title?

Nish: Our lifestyle. Free Wired came so naturally to us because we live free. We live free to just be ourselves. We have since the beginning. And we do stay wired. One can stay wired all night with these shades and no sleep. But we also stayed connected to our people online, stay connected to our community.

 Inferno: When you guys first started out, did you have any doubts [you wouldn’t be successful] or hesitated because you were an Asian rap/hip-hop group that no one would take you guys seriously?

Prohgress: This is what we wanted to do so whether you’re hesitant or not, whether you have doubts or not, music was calling and it was something we all enjoyed doing all the time so there was no hesitation involved.

 Inferno: How long have you guys been doing music?

Nish: We’ve been recording for years, but we would like to say no matter how long we’ve been doing music, this is our first official album right now, with Cherrytree/Insterscope and we’re really blessed and grateful to have the opportunity.

 Inferno: How do you guys stay so humble and down-to-earth all the time?

Prohgress: We feel like we haven’t really done anything without the support of our people. Our network are the ones who got us a lot of our shows. They’re the ones who hooked us up with all kinds of great ideas. So if you get rid of that, you lose the best resource you can possibly have, which is your friends, your family and the people you stay free wired connected with.

Nish: And you know we try…we try when we can. So don’t get mad at us if we don’t retweet something or we’re not able to answer something. Sometimes our inboxes get flooded with spam. We love y’all.

 Inferno: I want each of you to name one F*M song with the most sentimental value to you and why.

Prohgress: I can’t. That’s like asking for your favorite baby, or your mom or your dad.

J-Splif: “Who’s Ready.”

Virman: “You Got A Friend” because it was the fi
rst song that we ever got on the radio.

Nish: Mine’s gonna be “Girls On The Dance Floor” ‘cause that’s the song that got us signed to Cherrytree Records.

 Inferno: What advice can you give to aspiring artists?

J-Splif: Stay humble. Humility is always key and stay loyal and have a good team around you and you know hard work and persistence come hand-in-hand.

Kev: And good management.

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