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Chromeo – Business Casual

Chromeo is back from a three year hiatus after their mainstream breakthrough, Fancy Footwork, with their third full length album. With tracks featured in numerous video games, television, and most recently Step Up 3D, the hype is well deserved.                                                           

Self-proclaimed producers, Dave 1 and P-Thugg, create “lovers’ funk” and have produced some of this year’s most danceable music with a strong 80’s influence. Analog synths, talk box usage, and Dave 1’s mischievous humor are prevalent throughout the album, which creates an atmosphere of consistency, rarely deviating from their successful formula of retro yet contemporary electropop.

Business  Casual starts off with “Hot Mess,” which is a confession of being frustrated and

lovesick, going so far as to claim “I would’ve committed a crime for you baby.”

Dave 1 flaunts his invulnerability with a humble “I’m Not Contagious,” which he confesses the truth about his own charm, however he mentions he does have the love to “knock you down.”

Most of Chromeo’s songs revolve around the entire process of love, from initial lust to heartache and complications. Even though the songs are easy to dance to, thanks to solid production from P-Thugg; do not mistake this as a pure dance album. Dave 1 introduces adult themes that everyone can relate to, presenting them in a highly approachable manner.

“Night by Night” and “Don’t Turn the Lights On” are the most obvious

examples of Chromeo’s penchant for music inspired by the ‘80s. Both tracks are full of layered synths and electronic guitar chords and explore the physical aspects of a relationship. In “Night by Night,” Dave 1 encourages his date and himself to go slowly, taking the relationship further each time.

Chromeo may come off as super-lovers, but their music shows that even their relationships get strained. “You Make It Rough,” “Don’t Walk Away” and “Grow Up” proves that they want to make everything work, as they try to mend the rifts that have appeared. Dave 1’s roots shine through in “J’ai claqué la porte”, a sentimental French ballad, meaning “I Slammed the Door.” As a finishing touch on the album, Chromeo makes sure to throw in a smooth and pleasant song to end on a good note.

The duo has topped their previous album in so many ways and has improved their hallmark ’80s style, which is sure to please “retrophiles.” Their combination of funky dance tracks and serious lyrics make them truly unique, which is why they have a following of devout

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