As Seen On YouTube


YouTube has become an online Hollywood for many musicians, comedians and how-to gurus. It has created its own community of celebrities that have transformed regular people into recognizable personalities. The bottom line: anyone can be a star, if done right. Inferno brings you two artists from the ‘Tube who are worth the hits and then some.


Singing acapella versions of popular songs may have started out as just a hobby, but for Las Vegas native Erika David, YouTube has become the launching pad for her musical career. Look up her account and you will find that over 29 million people have clicked on her videos just to listen to her sweet and soulful R&B voice repeatedly.


David was raised by two conservative Filipino parents who she says “were more supportive now than before.” She began to perform at family parties as a little girl for fun and did not even contemplate a professional singing career till she joined choir throughout her elementary and high school years, even winning various talent shows.


Now, David finds her schedule packed with performances in cities throughout the country, such as New York, Houston, Los Angeles and even abroad in Sydney, Australia. She even manages to take college courses online.


After posting videos of herself singing songs from the likes of Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys and Beyonce at the behest of her friends, David eventually gained a strong following. Her popularity even led to winning the Colgate Mix-Fresh singing competition that allowed her to work with one of the music industry’s most esteemed R&B producers, Bryan Michael Cox, who is known for writing songs for Danity Kane, Chris Brown and P. Diddy. In Dec. 2009, David even got the chance to perform at Z100’s All Access Lounge, sharing the stage with artists like Lady Gaga, Brandy and Secondhand Serenade.


“YouTube is the greatest outlet ever,” David said in an interview with the Inferno.


Nowadays, viewers can see her remix some popular hits by writing her own lyrics, inspired by the pangs of love and romance. “The beat of a song first attracts me then the words just flow,” David said of her songwriting process. Although the lyricist claims that most of her songs do not come from personal experience, she has fun coming up with concepts and telling a story through music. Fans can definitely expect an album within the coming year.


The best advice she ever received about her singing career? “Bryan told me that this is only the beginning,” David said.


“Once I do get in the game, stay humble.”


Following her Twitter and meeting her in person is evidence that David is committed to that statement. No matter how many hits on YouTube she gets, David manages to keep her feet grounded, even as her career ascends to greater heights.