Reach Success By Setting Personal And Career Goals

Victoria Lohwasser, Staff Writer

Photo/Flickr Commons
Photo/Flickr Commons

 Do you know what you want your career to be? How about the kind of person you want to be? Many individuals know what they want to achieve in their life and they have set personal and career goals because they are committed to attaining what they want. Goal setting is very important since it motivates someone to turn his or her dreams into reality. 

Dr. John Norcross, a renowned professor, psychologist and specialist in psychotherapy, behavior change and self-help at the University of Scranton, defined a goal as “a mental representation of a desired outcome that a person is committed to.” He insisted that the first step in setting any type of goal is to identify the thing you want. The second is determining whether or not you are willing to stick with a course of action to achieve it.

By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on and you become more aware of any distractions. Personal goals, for example, can be as simple as waking up every day at 6 a.m. to go for a run or saving enough money for a trip to Hawaii. Career goals can be getting a promotion or merging into a completely different field.

There are six steps that should be taken into consideration when deciding your personal goals. First, decide what you want to achieve. Second, write all your goals down because, when you first think of something, you’re all excited about it and, a few days later, you either procrastinate or forget about it entirely. Third, set a deadline. If you need money for a trip you’re planning, specify the date you want to have all the funds by and when you want to book the flight.

Staying motivated is the fourth step and it should be maintained until your goal is reached. Remaining positive throughout the process is important because it takes time to succeed and setbacks will happen. Fifth, you need to remember to relax. Don’t get so focused on achieving one thing that you forget to enjoy the journey along the way. The last step is to not give up even if you think you are going to fail or things aren’t going your way. Negative thoughts do not get you anywhere!

The steps to achieving career goals are similar to achieving one’s personal goals. Once again, identify your goals, write them down and set priorities, so you can focus on one thing at a time rather than be overwhelmed.

“Don’t assume the future is limited to what is happening today,” said the professionals in the career department at The University of California, Berkeley. Therefore, negativity is not welcomed. Continuing to work hard and develop the skills that are necessary to the position you want is essential to your success.

Remember: the possibilities in life are endless and, with hard work, dedication and positivity, anything is possible. Setting goals will help to concentrate your efforts and lead you in the direction you want to go in life.