Torch Eats: Best bites to grab at Winter Village in Bryant Park

Macarons at Winter Village in Bryant Park


Macarons at Winter Village in Bryant Park

Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer

We live in a huge city where grabbing a bite to eat may seem a little bit hectic. Lucky for you, Bryant Park’s Winter Village has some of New York’s finest food condensed into one single location.

Not only do they have your favorite sweets, complemented with a side of cider, they also have food to satisfy your taste buds when you are looking for something spicy to munch on.

Italian, Mexican and Korean…they really do have a variety of different foods.

With the abundant amount of foods to choose from it’s so hard to just pick one. Each booth holds a completely different taste than the one directly next to it. But nonetheless we are going to highlight some of Bryant Park’s best.

Of course you cannot go anywhere without having a sweet taste of Woops!

If you have a sweet tooth make sure you stop there first as they are known for their macarons and cookies.

Since it’s right around the holidays, a lot of customers are feeling festive, and maybe you are too, which is why Mrs. Claus Café is one you do not want to miss.

The hot chocolate at Bryant Park's Winter Village
The hot chocolate at Bryant Park’s Winter Village

Hot chocolate, apple cider, pastries, candy, need I say more?

This is like stepping right onto the North Pole; sweet tooth lovers will go crazy for this particular stop on the list of flavorsome foods.  

Talking more about sweets, everybody loves doughnuts and that is why the Doughnut Project is a crowd pleaser.

You can get anything from a plain glazed doughnut to the everything doughnut, which has a cream cheese glaze with sesame, poppy, pepita, garlic and sea salt.

Next we have a Mexican lovers dream starring Frida’s Favorites. They have tacos, burritos, rice bowls and more.

These are definitely on anyone’s list of favorite foods.

With prices that aren’t too expensive either, $14 is the most you’re going to spend at this stop.

Then there is the delicious Korean Ramen, which may be a little more on the pricey side, but displays anything from spicy ramen to vegetable ramen. A little bit of savory to spicy ramen to choose from if you are feeling up for noodles.

The Baked Cheese Haus was catching a lot of heat so I decided to swing by and take a look at what they were cooking up. All I can say is I saw a lot of cheese.

If you’re lactose intolerant this isn’t the place for you. They have cheese that is literally scraped off the wheel and onto your sandwich. It’s really cool to see as well. They also are serving honeycrisp apple cider. Check them out if your stomach is craving something cheesy.

Let’s take it back to Italy with Casa Toscana. Panini’s and flatbreads are sold here and we cannot forget the espresso bar that comes with it.

If you want a taste of Tuscany then be sure to stop for a hot flatbread or panini with a side of hot cocoa or an espresso.

With so much variety and different cultures, all given to you at once, it is truly difficult to pinpoint all of the best foods that are on display at Bryant Park, but you can always find something that you and your stomach can enjoy.

The Winter Village at Bryant Park is open from now until early 2017. So be sure to grab a plate, some napkins and take a tour through all of the mouthwatering vendors that are on display right now. This is definitely a food lover’s dream.