Marillac offers more dining selections and seating space

Students and faculty can expect to see many changes when they walk into Marillac Terrace this year, with renovations not just to the cafeteria but new additions to the dining options.
Alongside the long-standing Burger King and the return of Plate by Plate, the new dining assortment now includes Subway, a salad bar known as Fresh Market, Outtakes Quick Cuisine, and 2mato, a pizzeria.
Dunkin’ Donuts will soon be open in the former Campus Ministry location. The popular franchise will soon be done with construction and open to everyone.
Previous dining options in Marillac have either been moved or done away with completely. Taco Bell has been moved to the D’Angelo Center, replacing the salad bar. Seattle’s Best can still be found in the St. Augustine café. Quiznos is no longer a selection of dining anywhere on campus.
Another major loss to Marillac was the removal of the adjunct faculty lounge. The lounge accommodated a number of part-time faculty members, so they would have a place to eat at their own leisure time.
The new cafeteria was welcomed by mixed reviews from students, staff and faculty. While some welcomed the new look, others commented on some of the changes, which they did not agree with.
“I really like it, it looks beautiful,” said Evangeli Boys, a staff member of Outtakes Quick Quisine.
“It looks more sophisticated now,” said Husein Attarwala, currently an adjunct at the chemistry department. “I’m excited about the Dunkin’ Donuts as well.”
Students, expressed their concerns about the new setting.
Joanna Tam, a sophomore pharmacy student, said she was not fond of the changes.  “This new look doesn’t make it seem like a college atmosphere to me anymore,” she said. “I don’t like how the menus are on a TV screen now.”
David Bautista, a sophomore majoring in computer sciences, expressed his concerns regarding the long lines. “The lines aren’t organized properly,” he said. ”They are long and way too messy. They should make a better system to correct that.”