Student Leaders Meet with University Officials

Internship requirements, core curriculum and improving overall academics at the University were some of the concerns expressed by student leaders to a panel of administrators that included Interim Provost Robert Mangione on Monday at an Academic Forum.

Mangione, who sat alongside deans at the forum held on Oct. 15, reassured students that there is currently a lot of planning taking place among committees and offices within the University to improve academics.

“The University is working very closely with the Office of Student Affairs to make sure we get all of you into the academic side to help obtain outstanding internship programs,” he said during his closing remarks.

Student leaders took turns at the microphone to ask questions.

Another concern raised was whether the core curriculum includes enough relevant courses for students of different majors. Mangione assured students that administrators are currently assessing the situation within each school.

“There is an active program going on right now assessing core curriculum and we look forward to expanding that into other areas of academic learning,” he said.

Mangione encouraged students to read through the University statutes for any additional information. “There is a tremendous amount of information in those statutes that would help you as student leaders to get a better understanding of how the University functions,” he said.

Mangione also encouraged students to read the University’s strategic plan to get a better grasp of what will be taking place on campus in the near future. “If you want to get a good feel of where the University is heading, it’s all there for you,” he said.

In addition, Mangione said student leaders should familiarize themselves with college bylaws. “Many of you serve on faculty councils and faculty committees,” he said.

“It’s so important to understand the relationship between the college and the University and that will be very evident to you through review of your college bylaws.”