Professional and student journalists convene

Professionals working in the field of journalism discussed various issues of making a living in the media industry at an event entitled “Careers in Journalism Panel,” on Thurs. Oct. 18.

The event, organized by the Society of Professional Journalists, has been hosted in the past but according to journalism professor and group adviser Nick Hirshon, this year has been their most successful.

“We had our best turnout this panel,” Hirshon said. “It’s crucial for the journalism students, it seemed like the students responded, they had great questions and it’s a great opportunity to network.”

The panel consisted of Agnus Chung, New York 1 reporter, Christina Santucci, photo editor, Christina Carrega, reporter for the New York Post and ABC News News Media Producer, Michael Rizzo, an alumnus of the University.

The panel discussed issues such as how they entered into their careers, the workplace challenges they face, the importance of networking, the impact social media has on obtaining a job, tips to getting into the field and internship opportunities.

Chung said she felt the event was a success because it brought aspiring journalists to learn from the experiences of those who make a living in the very profession they one day hope to work in.

“It’s always a joy for me to come do such panels to bright students who are looking to learn,” Chung said.  “It’s great to see St. John’s University gathering the local media to speak with the students.  I think such discussions are important.”

At the end of the event, students had the opportunity to ask the panelists questions about their careers. Junior journalism major Kelly Japsi said hearing the advice from a working professional helped reinforce what she’s already heard from some of her instructors.

“You always hear professors talk about the importance of having an internship,” Kelly Japsi, a junior journalism major said. “But hearing a panel of well-established journalists speak about how beneficial it was for them in their careers was definitely reassuring.”