Santangelo named Associate Vice President of Campus Ministry


Tori Santangelo, a St. John’s graduate, is now the associate vice president of Campus Ministry.  She will now oversee various programs and activities that Campus Ministry is in charge of.

Santangelo is known for her time as a St. John’s volleyball player, but she was also involved with Campus Ministry as a student.  She was a retreat leader and also served as an executive board member for the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  Santangelo said she frequented masses as well, and helped with Eucharistic ministry.

Before becoming associate vice president, Santangelo served as executive director of Campus Ministry.  As executive director, she was in charge of the day-to-day duties of Campus Ministry, but as associate vice president she will oversee what projects are formulated to meet the needs of students as well as develop a vision for the future of Campus Ministry.

Campus Ministry has several big events taking place this year, including the 10th anniversary of St. Thomas More Chapel and President Gempesaw’s inauguration in October.  “We will be celebrating our university in several ways, including a celebration of our spiritual classroom.  Every month we will have a program inviting people to learn about the church,” said Santangelo.

She said that two new service plunges have been added: one to Los Angeles to work with Vincentian Core West, and another to North Carolina to work with a group of Vincentian priests.  “We are always looking to add more opportunities for service and reflection, and we do that by looking at the needs of our students and how we can best serve them,” said Santangelo.

Comparing the roles of being a St. John’s student and then associate vice president of Campus Ministry, Santangelo said that the role Campus Ministry plays on campus is important.  “Any opportunity for a student to come to know their faith is the primary experience that we want them to have here.  We have service opportunities that allow for students to reflect and become transformed in our Vincentian values,” said Santangelo.  She also said that Campus Ministry “teaches students about leadership and community and what it takes to become global citizens.  These concepts are very important to teach students while they’re here.”

Tori Santangelo is the new Associate Vice President of Campus Ministry.  She places an importance on the mission of Campus Ministry and invites all students to participate. Torch Photo: Cheyanne Gonzales
Tori Santangelo is the new Associate Vice President of Campus Ministry. She places an importance on the mission of Campus Ministry and invites all students to participate.
Torch Photo: Cheyanne Gonzales

Santangelo feels that involvement in Campus Ministry is something every St. John’s student should partake in.  “I speak on behalf of our mission, and I welcome freshmen and new students to St. John’s and I invite them to get to know our mission.  Campus Ministry invites students of all religious traditions,” said Santangelo.  Her invitation involves various programs and events that Campus Ministry holds for students, many of which, said Santangelo, “let us help them on their journey and find a program that fits what they’re looking for, whether it’s faith, social justice, leadership or community.”

Santangelo also spoke about the importance of Campus Ministry throughout St. John’s.  “It’s part of our foundation for us to collaborate with the other departments here.  If you name a department, we would have a connection there.  These connections allow us to be successful in serving the students, because we want their experience to be seamless.  Our job is to enhance the mission!”

Santangelo said her favorite things about Campus Ministry are the students, the relationships formed and making students feel like St. John’s is their home.  “It’s important that this ‘home’ is going to feed them spiritually and academically, and give them tools to be successful in their vocation,” said Santangelo.

For those interested in becoming involved with any of the programs that Campus Ministry offers, visit their office in Marillac 239 or any of several offices in the St. Thomas More Church.

Correction:  An earlier version of this article included a quote that said all students would be invited to President Gempesaw’s inauguration in October. University spokeswoman Liz Reilly stated that plans for the inauguration are unknown at this time.