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Meet the 2015 SGI E-Board Candidates: Chiara Miuccio, ICE vice presidential candidate

Chiara Miuccio, ICE vice presidential candidate. Photo: ICE Facebook page

Chiara Miuccio, currently the sophomore senator of Student Government, Inc. (SGI), is running for vice president on the ICE Ticket.  In addition to Student Government, Miuccio interns at the St. John’s Center for Psychological Services and serves as the secretary of the Italian Cultural Club. She is double-majoring in psychology and economics.

“Everything I do here at St. John’s I feel I have fallen in love with.  The same way I have fallen in love with this University.”

Miuccio began her journey with SGI on the organizations committee.  In this position, she worked with all of the clubs on campus to help bridge the gap between SGI and other organizations.  She joined as a general body member.  Her dedication to bettering the campus organization experience for all students caught the eye of current SGI President Rob Koehler.  She was offered a chance to run for sophomore senator last year and eagerly accepted.

When asked her about her experience on the Executive Board for SGI this year Miuccio said, “I’ve had the experience.  It’s crazy, but I love it,” she said. “I’m ready to take the lead.”

ICE, the name of the ticket, stands for “Improving the Collegiate Experience.”  They picked their name off of one primary belief: according to Miuccio, “improving the collegiate experience, because that’s at the root of everything SGI does.”  To accomplish this goal, Miuccio pointed out the strong suits of her team.

“Everyone on our ticket brings something different,” she said.  This helps them tackle any situation at hand with the student’s best interest at heart, Miuccio said.

In order to improve the college experience they designed their campaign around three pillars: strengthening the SGI-Organization Relationship; fortifying the St. John’s Community; and prioritizing student services for greater success.

First, ICE wants to strengthen the SGI-Organization relationship by providing information.  Miuccio said, “We want to be an organization’s best resource.”

Organizations tend to have rough times “jumping through hoops,” according to Miuccio.  If elected, ICE wants to create a step-by-step plan for campus organizations. This will prevent information from being lost or forgotten.  Currently, SGI’s website,, is under major developments to put the information out there.  She reassures students, “I’m in an organization, I understand.”

Second, ICE plans to fortify the St. John’s community.  Miuccio emphasizes on the importance of tradition at St. John’s.  Her ticket wants all students to feel at home and have St. John’s pride.  They want freshman to fit right in and take advantage of every opportunity that arises.

“I want students to know that they can feel comfortable talking to me or anyone else on my ticket.  We want to be their best advocate.”

Third, ICE wants to prioritize student services for greater student success.  They plan to develop better student resources.  Miuccio and her ticket agree that charging stations and printing stations are all useful tools provided by Student Services.  “We want to expand that,” she said.

In order to continue developing these resources, awareness must be spread about all of these opportunities.  Miuccio went into detail on services that impact student life.

“For example the library has music that you can download for free, and did you know that?” she asked.

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