Montgoris renovations to take place throughout summer 2015

Students will return to a new and improved dining hall this fall semester

Bridget Higgins, Staff Writer

When students come back to campus this fall, they can expect a new and improved Montgoris Dining Hall. According to a Montgoris renovation plan by Executive Director of Conference and Auxiliary Services Scott Lemperle, dining services will update the dining hall’s look and feel, along with expanding its food options.

According to the renovation plan, “The desired outcomes of the summer renovation is to update the look and feel of the Montgoris Dining Hall with features that are up-to-date with the demands of today’s student; with a better flow, circulation and additional made to order food concepts all of which will create separate destinations and a fresher approach to dining within Montgoris Hall.”

Students can expect many new additions to the highly frequented Montgoris, or “Monty’s” as it is familiarly called around campus. Although the plan has come out for the renovations, many students don’t know what to expect.

Freshman Austin Rojas said, “It’s hard to make a judgment about this until I experience it for myself.”

One of the most popular spots in the hall each morning is the omelette station. With the renovations, this will become a part of the new “exhibition concept.” The area will be centered along the inside of the servery, where many made-to-order dishes will be prepared.

“As long as Angela is there, I’m happy,” said freshman Frank Obermeyer, referring to one of the Dining Service workers who serve up omelets in the morning.

The anchor of the serving area will be a Mongolian grill station, according to the Dining Service Advisory Committee Renovation Plan. At the Mongolian grill, cooks will serve hot foods and made-to-order stir-fry options. The station will be in full view of the rest of the dining hall.

Some students are excited about the new updates. Freshman Megan Monahan said, “I’m glad they’re updating it and they’re expanding their options.”

Other students are more uncertain about the outcome of the planned renovations. “I remain cautiously optimistic,” said freshman Jack Fogarty.

Other renovations include an updated pizza shop flanking the “exhibition concept,” a double-sided salad bar, a coffee and ice cream bar, new beverage and condiment stations, a soup and deli bar and a made-to-order grill.

The Dessert Shoppe, which has been a huge hit according to Dining Services, will be present but relocated within the hall.

In addition to food updates, Dining Services plans to change the atmosphere of Montgoris as well. The space will have a slat wall at the entrance to “create an element of excitement,” according to the Montgoris Renovation Plan.

St. John’s will also create new soft seating areas on both levels of the dining hall. Dining Services hopes that this will add a warmer, more welcoming, and open feel to the dining hall.

“I don’t think [the renovations are] really necessary…but I think it has potential,” said Jesse Schaefer, a freshman soccer player. “I just hope it’s not a bust.”

Dining Services plans to complete the renovations upon the end of the summer 2015 semester. Student reactions will most likely remain mixed until they can see the updated Montgoris for themselves.

For summer students, the Law School Café, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks will remain open for normal summer hours. The D’Angelo Center and Marillac Hall dining rooms will be open as needed to service conferences and New Student Orientation.