Women in leadership program inspires students to strive

Tayah Page-Harper, Staff Writer

Last Oct. 22, the Women in Leadership program hosted one of their annual events that discussed women’s leadership roles in today’s society.

Women in Leadership is a program sponsored by L.E.A.D. Student Leadership that focuses on women empowerment.

“The Women in Leadership program is focused on female issues and influential women in our community,” Associate Director of Leadership Development Natalie Maio said. “It helps them build skills that are relevant to women in the workforce.”

The event, called Conversations that Inspire, encouraged women to take more leadership roles in the workforce. The program brought in St. John’s alum, Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant, to give advice to young women on accomplishing that.

“We bring in Alum Stacie N.C. Grant and she focuses on how women need to be put into action in order to better themselves and make a critical change in the world,” Maio said.

Grant shared her story about her role as a leader in college and in the workplace. She explained to students that finding what they like could empower them to bring out their inner leader.

“My inspiration comes from that fact that I know what it’s like to shrink and to make people feel comfortable rather than walking the destiny that God gave you,” Grant said.

At the event, students participated in group discussions as an ice-breaker and a way to figure out their goals for the next year. Many students were unsure about what exactly they want to accomplish.

“Before I came to this event or even showed interested in the Women in Leadership workshops, I had no idea about how I would accomplish both my school-and work-related goals,” freshman Sarah Alaoui said. With the guidance that was given, students can now pick the direction they want to take.

Freshman Rachel Barajas appreciated the fact that the event was focused on the success of women.

“I like how the event supports women empowerment and how we can be a team,” Barajas said. “We need to build each other up and not tear each other down.”

The event’s success was very humbling for Grant.

“If I can share something with my fellow St. John’s family that will help them with their desires, then that’s what success looks like,” Grant said. “Women too can be successful leaders if they open their minds to step into their rightful leadership.”