St. John’s combats breast cancer in annual Queens walk

Cooper Miqueli, Assistant Opinion Editor , Assistant Opinion Editor

St. John’s students and thousands of other participants met at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park on Nov. 8 for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, hosted by the American Cancer Society.

“We had close to 500 students. The office of community relations worked very hard to increase student participation and I think it was one of the best student turnouts in the past few years,” Student Government Incorporated (SGI) President Ridge McKnight said.

The walk took place around the Citi Field area and distanced at approximately 1.5 miles. SGI, Donovan Hall Council and Greek life members were only some of the organizations representing St. John’s at the walk. Throughout the month of October and November these different organizations raised money through different activities and tabling events.

“Throughout the month of November, our hall council worked weeknights to spread awareness and raise money for Making Strides against Breast Cancer under the American Cancer Society,” Donovan Hall Council Vice President Matt Sulewski said. “Every penny counts, and we’re so grateful for all of the donations we received.”

The event began at 8 a.m. outside of Carnesecca Arena. Students then made their way to the park, where thousands had gathered and many tents for different organizations throughout the New York City area were set up. The St. John’s cheer team, dance team and pep band were at the walk as well, cheering all of the participants on.

The atmosphere was filled with high energy as participants walked and encouraged each other throughout the park.

“There is a lot of great energy,” said SGI Sophomore Senator Frank Obermeyer. “ I look forward to doing more of these events in the future.”

Everyone at the walk had their own story; their own reason why they walked. They walked because someone they know had or has breast cancer because they want to help end breast cancer or because they know someone who told them about the event.

When asked why she walks and why Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is such an important event to her, SGI Secretary Chiara Miuccio said, “Every year student government tries to support all of our causes.

This year, I have noticed how the school reacts towards cancer in general and how motivated they are towards eliminating cancer.

I walk to support my classmates and I want a world without cancer. I walk to finish the fight.”

The walk turned to be a great success for not only St. John’s, but for the American Cancer Society as well.

“A lot of people showed up,” freshman Jenni Sofing said.  “You could feel the love and support throughout the participants.”