Greek Fair

Nickool Castro, Staff Writer

The Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life held its annual Greek fair September 12 at 4 p.m. on Montgoris Strip. Interfraternity Council fraternities, Panhellenic sororities and the African & Latino Fraternal/Sororal Alliance organizations were present, showcasing their paddles, awards and providing information to prospective members. Some organizations “strolled” while others danced bachata and meringue.

“I feel that it is a great time for us to show unity and respect toward each other,” Irving Marino, an alumni and brother of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. says “And if people see that, they will look past all the stereotypes and increase their interest in joining.”

Marino, who was visiting his chapter brothers, said Greek life has given him tools and ideas that he can use in his career.

“People always see Greek life as a bad environment because of recent incidents,” Marino continues, “but they never show the good and better side of it. It has helped me grow personally and professionally.”

“This Greek fair is one of those key events when it comes to recruitment for all fraternity and sororities on this campus,” he added.

Junior Ruben Rozo, a prospective interest, expressed how helpful the Greek fair was.

“It was very good to see them all there,” Rozo says, “It was easier for us to approach them and get information from multiple tables.”

According to the Greek life website, the first Greek organization on the St. John’s campus was founded in 1956. Ever since, Greek life at St. John’s University has been expanding with the African & Latino Fraternal/Sororal Alliance. Along with the organizations previously mentioned, Interfraternity Council fraternities also have 13 organizations on its council. Panhellenic sororities council have eight organizations.