Lambda Kappa Sigma to host Pharmacy Wars


Bryant Rodriguez, Opinion Editor

Lambda Kappa Sigma, a professional pharmacy sorority, is hosting their first ever Pharmacy Wars on April 6 to raise money for Project HOPE. HOPE stands for Health Opportunities for People Everywhere.

The group sends medications, supplies and experts to respond to disasters, prevent disease and promote health internationally.

“Project HOPE is an organization that is very important to our sisters,” Seerat Kapoor, fundraising chair for Lambda Kappa Sigma, said. “Being a pharmacy organization we wanted to create an annual event that pharmacy students could look forward to each year and of course it is for a good cause.”

Pharmacy Wars is a pharmacy related relay themed competition. Teams of four will compete in several events such as glove toss and a syringe race to win a gift bag and certificate provided by the dean’s office.

“I wanted to have an event where pharmacy students could have fun because we don’t usually have any events to look forward to,” Kapoor said.

Pharmacy Wars will take place on April 6 at 6 p.m. in at Dasilva Field. Spectators can watch Pharmacy Wars for $3 and giveaways will be offered along with a concession stand.