How to Prepare for an Active Shooter

Byron Campbell, Contributing Writer

Recently, the Office of Public Safety hosted an active-shooter training session on campus. Here are some of the tips and facts they shared at the session, attended by one of our reporters.

According to the officers, there are more than 840 cameras monitoring the St. John’s Queens campus. A Public Safety officer monitors these cameras behind the Public Safety Building near Gate 6, where they have access to a “MIR-3,” — an automated system that alerts students about the presence of a gunman. 

Additionally, an officer said each classroom has a telephone that acts as a hotline — a direct first response outreach to Public Safety if an incident were to ever occur. They said to utilize the bright red phone located near the doors of a classroom. If the numbers “5-2-5-2” are dialed, it will send a direct response to the nearest police department.

School shootings last approximately 11 minutes, according to Public Safety. In this event, students in a classroom should barricade the door with desks to stop anyone from entering. Students should also find ballistic cover, like a brick wall that can possibly stop a bullet from penetrating. 

Officers urged students that anyone suspicious of someone who might seem odd, should call Public Safety with complete urgency. They added that it is important to identify someone that might cause a shooting and to monitor them. Try to note if they are carrying any suspicious baggage or if they are trying to hide themselves behind any pullovers or masks, then inform the nearest officer.