University Professor Honored at Media Industry Conference

Dr. Anthony Palomba hopes to inspire students through classroom engagement and meaningful subject matter.


Dr. Anthony Palomba hopes to inspire students through classroom engagement and meaningful subject matter.

Alexis Gaskin, Assistant News Editor

Dr. Anthony Palomba is a newly tenured-track assistant professor at St. John’s University, working to claim that tenure spot, after two years of teaching at the college-level.

Before St. John’s, Palomba taught as an assistant professor of Communications Studies at the City University of  New York. Recently, Palomba was given the honor of being a recognized as a faculty fellow at the 2019 National Association for Television Programming Executives in Miami, Fla.

As a faculty fellow, Palomba attended the prestigious conference this past January, where he was able to meet and network with executives and professionals from Nielsen, NBC Universal, TBS, A&E, CBS and many more.

Palomba is excited to be able to attend these industry conferences because it helps him bring things back to the classroom.

“If I can do a research project for my video gaming class, for example,” Palomba said, “then we can create that content and get feedback and actually work with these companies.”

During the conference, Palomba described how he spoke with creatives and industry workers extending his experience in research and media analytics. He keeps his classes interesting by implementing subject matter that is engaging and meaningful.

“I’ve taken him twice now and each time is more enjoyable,” said Naomi Arnot, a third year communications major. “Even when he teaches something that may be intensive he makes it easy to understand.”

Palomba teaches courses surrounding mass communications, media management and research falling under the College of Professional Studies (CPS).

Under CPS, Palomba teaches Intro to Mass Communications, Multimedia Communications, Seminar Communications and a class on video games.

Next spring Palomba will be teaching a course on media analytics. “I’m very excited to be teaching this class in the spring on media analytics,” he said. “It’s going to be focused on lectures and real life application.”

With a Ph.D from the University of Florida, Palomba is a Doctor of Philosophy in Mass Communications — specifically entertainment marketing. He has had several research papers published surrounding his work in the media and entertainment industry, the most recent being his study entitled, “First-Party Success or First-Party Failure? A Case Study on Audience Perceptions of the Nintendo Brand During the Wii U’s Product Life Cycle.”

His study focused on brand loyalty and more extensive research on video games and its consumers.

On two different grants, Palomba is currently working on studies that focus on streaming devices such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, as well as a series of studies on movie marketing.

Constantly connecting his expereinces back to St. John’s, he shares them with hopes that his students can learn from him.

Urging his students to focus on the day-to-day, Palomba advises his students to not focus on a single career.

“The best advice I can give,” Palomba said, “is don’t envision the career you want, think about what you want to do everyday.”