A difficult choice for president

Brittani Wright, Staff Writer

History was made Nov. 4, 2008 when Barack Hussein Obama II won the presidential election and became the 44th president of the United States. It was a happy day for many, with the feeling of hope and anticipated change disseminating throughout the country.

Two terms later, and the anticipation for our new U.S President couldn’t be any more adverse. This presidential election, today’s voters have the choice of electing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald J. Trump, a tough decision for millennials.

While Trump has proudly boasted on his “Make America Great Again” campaign, promising to utilize his business savvy to take America out of a trillion dollar debt, he is nonetheless perceived as a racist, misogynist and a disrespectful liar.

On the other hand, Senator Clinton is hoping to become our country’s first female president, while she may utilize her image as a strong, progressive woman to enhance her likeability by continuously especially by promoting her past experience as a former First Lady and also Secretary of State, but her email server scandal and questionable choices have left her with a very untrustworthy image amongst indecisive voters.

These qualms have arisen as November creeps up on us, and the decision for some isn’t getting any clearer. “Honestly, I believe that he is great with business and is just very business savvy, but in terms of running a full country I don’t think that he would be able to do that, because there’s much more that goes into it than what he thinks… I just don’t know how trustworthy she would be as a president, and Donald Trump, you can’t trust him at all.” stated Vachon Osby, a student here at St. John’s when asked what he thinks about the competitors.

Registered voter, Amilya Jeanty commented, “In regards to this election, I don’t feel confident in either of our candidates, although I am a registered Democrat. And for that reason I am still unsure if I’ll be voting for Hillary or Donald Trump.” Although for some, it is the first time that they are of legal age to vote, the choice is not an easy one.

For many voters, it all boils down to who is essentially the lesser of two evils. The choice has gone from, “Who would make the best president?” to “Who wouldn’t be the worst out of the two?”

After last Monday night’s first Presidential Debate, the two candidates were asked questions about national issues, which for most, didn’t make the decision any clearer, as Clinton and Trump more so blatantly denied each others’ accusations in lieu of actually answering the questions.

With the final month among us, decisions will have to be made, but until then the choice of who to vote for is still a very difficult one.